Discovering Awareness

A Guide to Inner Peace, Strength and Freedom


Discovering Awareness offers a step-by-step program for building inner peace, emotional flexibility and strength. It’s been praised for its simple,clear style and lends itself to self study, group retreats or discussion groups or as a source of spiritual direction. The approach is gentle and encouraging suitable for the novice or the expert who wishes to deepen their practice of awareness, meditation, mindfulness or contemplative prayer.

Discovering Awareness combines ancient methods of mindfulness, meditation and contemplation with recent insights of psychology and neurobiology to form a unique psychospiritual framework as a basis for understanding. A coherent series of exercises develops skill and insight.  It’s simple, practical and down to earth. And the skills translate to everyday life improving emotional health, relationships and work.  The result is the ability to see life more clearly, make better and sounder choices. This in turn, frees us and helps us discover the joy and love in our lives.

People of all faiths and of no faith have found this program a source of comfort and growth and a way of deepening their own understanding and appreciation of their own unique tradition and experience.  No conversion to a new religion or discipline is necessary, just an improved awareness of what is already there. Both beginners and experienced meditators have found profound benefits from Discovering Awareness.  You can work the program on your own or with a group.

You can start your spiritual journey is with the book, Discovering Awareness.  It contains everything you need.  We recommend you add the Guided Meditations CD as an useful enhancement.  If you think you would learn faster from hearing Tony D’Souza directly, you can watch the DVD which follows the book closely but in a more informal style.  These tools make a great gift for an interested friend.  You can also find current information and commentary on our blog which we hope will create a community of practitioners in Discovering Awareness and a way to link psychology and spirituality in a practical way.

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Practicing meditation is a way to teach your heart to sing. Our thoughts and our feelings are intimately interconnected. As we focus our attention in meditation, we allow our normal thoughts to gently subside and become quieter.  In the quiet, feelings slowly emerge and and we become aware of parts of ourselves that are normally hidden.  This is the setting where the heart can sing.

Each meditation is an invitation for you to connect with your heart and allow yourself to be nourished with resources within you.  Allow yourself to do the meditation gently, without effort or violence.  You may find your heart filling with love and understanding. You may find that compassion for yourself and others just happens.  You may discover the limitless possibilities of living in freedom and joy.

Teach your heart to sing

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The Snake: A Cautionary Tale

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