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The books, guided meditations and video lectures are proven tools that have helped others develop the skills and awareness that leads to spiritual meaning and wisdom.  Based on hundreds of intensive retreats given by Tony D’Souza, the material builds on and extends the insights of the late Tony D’Mello in a practical, accessible step by step program.

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Guided Meditations - CDs

First sentence: “You begin building spiritual strength by asking the key questions:What am I looking for?...”

Key phrases: observing without evaluation, false self, psychospriritual framework, dealing with negative experiences, coming home.

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In twelve self-contained meditations, Tony D’Souza guides you through creative journeys aimed at deepening awareness and compassion.  The meditations can be used on their own or as part of the study of the book, Discovering Awareness. They can be repeated as often as desired.

In six new meditations, Tony D’Souza gently helps us to an awareness of our inherent worth and the worth of others, thereby deepening and growing our compassion.  The images are simple and organic: the growth of a seed into a plant or the slow carving of the Grand Canyon. It is an excellent companion to the book, Discovering Awareness.

In a series of eight short talks, Tony D’Souza provides a clear and lively introduction to the book, Discovering Awareness.  The informal video format is a great addition to the book and can be used as the basis for a group discussion or retreat.  Most of the topics in the book are covered in these talks.

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Discovering Awareness: Guided Meditations

by Tony D’Souza. 6 CDs, 5 hours. ISBN-13: 978-0-9790304-1-3


Tony D’Souza Introduces Discovering Awareness. Video - 2 DVDs - Eight talks. 4 hours.


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